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Test Equipment Connection provides test measurement and network equipment for Sale, Lease or Rent. New and Refurbished with Warranty.

Quality, Selection and Value since 1993. We buy pre-owned test and network equipment and offer asset management services to market your used surplus equipment world wide. Trade in programs are available to help reduce your test and measurement costs.

Wireless, broadband, electrical, IT & networking, IP phones, routers, switches, general purpose, bench top or hand held. Huge inventory with global sales support. It's all here at Test Equipment Connection.

Sell your surplus test equipment to us. Use our Consignment Program to maximize the value of your test assets. We repair, recondition and calibrate the largest selection of test and network gear globally.

Specials For February

Symmetricom 8040C

Yokogawa WT1805

Megger FREJA 300

Rohde Schwarz ETL-B300

Tektronix MSO4104B

Anritsu MS2726C

Yokogawa DL708E
Symmetricom 8040C Yokogawa WT1805 Megger FREJA 300 Rohde Schwarz ETL-B300 Tektronix MSO4104B Anritsu MS2726C Yokogawa DL708E
$5,892.00 $15,982.00 $38,246.00 $5,996.00 $17,982.00 $38,972.00 $4,992.00
$4,992.00 $13,995.00 $31,982.00 $2,596.00 $13,792.00 $19,500.00 $3,592.00

Featured Products For February

Test Equipment Connection provides test and measurement equipment for Sale, Lease or Rent. Buying used test equipment 30 years ago was a fairly new concept. As solid state technology improved and the industry grew and matured, the long useful life of test equipment unfolded in front of every test engineer on a daily basis. Today, used test equipment is preferred by the majority of customers because of cost savings, warranty, and the reliability of popular equipment such as an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer. In most cases the lead time for refurbished test equipment is much shorter than new test equipment. Sometimes new test equipment will only suffice, driven by faster data rates, higher speed bandwidth needs, and new emerging communications standards. While a new network analyzer, DSO or calibrator may be preferred, the general nature of most testing can allow the user to take advantage of used equipment discounts up to 85% off list price, depending on the product. Digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers fit nicely into this cost savings category because of long useful life and the underlying nature of basic test functions such as observing signal wave shapes of voltage, waveform distortion, amplitude or signal frequency range. A used network analyzer or VNA can save thousands compared to the price for a new VNA, expanding your budget, lowering your cost of ownership and eliminating costly delays.

Keysight Agilent RF and Microwave products comprise a large segment of our inventory. If you require a power meter, frequency counter, function generator or signal generator we have many configurations and models suited for budgets and companies of all sizes. We carry every non Agilent Keysight brand as well. When buying used or new test equipment you should only do business with a respected and reputable vendor that can support the product and back up the warranty. We also buy back test equipment and offer asset management services to help you get what you need and monetize what you do not require. We ship world wide so if you need a spectrum analyser, network analyser or a power analyser, one of our locations can help you! Request a quote if you need a Fluke calibrator and if you are downsizing or replacing, we can offer to buy your used calibrator.

We offer the largest selection of Anritsu Sitemaster products and take trade ins if you are looking to upgrade to a newer cable and antenna analyzer. We sell, lease and rent many Anritsu Sitemasters, from like new to older but popular models. We can help if you require a discontinued product to address older specifications or legacy software. Mobile phone test equipment such as the Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 and Agilent E5515C Wireless Communications Test Set are available for immediate shipment, as well as other wireless test sets from Anritsu, Japan Radio and Willtek.

Communications Service Monitors are used in a variety of applications and we have the widest selection available from Aeroflex IFR, Ramsey, Tektronix, Anritsu and many others. We have hundreds of service monitors to choose from. You can find all types of wireless test equipment here along with network test equipment and broadband test. If fiber optic test is your specialty, we have optical spectrum analyzers, OTDR's, fusion splicers and every type of field or hand held test set available.

Today, clean energy test needs are driving demand for the power supply and more dynamic testing of power saturation, loss line and load changes. Whether DC power supplies or AC, we have all manufacturers used or new including Chroma. A great tool for testing many aspects of switched mode power devices is the Teledye LeCroy HDO High Definition Series Oscilloscope with the Power Analyzer Option. Tell us the specific brand and model number you require and request a quote today.