Agilent Keysight Consignment Sales

If you have excess Agilent Keysight test equipment, we can help you recover more of your investment by using our consignment program.

By using the asset consignment and refurbishment services we offer, you will recover higher values than a sale on your own. We market your equipment to a targeted and qualified customer base of over 200,000 end users globally. The decision to sell is up to you, approval of any offers is yours. We interact with the buying customer and take care of all transaction details like renewal and repair, logistics, and offering our limited warranty to enhance asset value. You receive 70% of the collected amount and 30% is our fee.

If you have time to allow our proprietary marketing platform to work for you, consignment is the most lucrative type of asset sale for your consideration. All we need is your verification of the items, when they can ship and your target prices and we prepare the agreement for you. It is a very simple process.

Consignment sales are very targeted and popular for various asset types. Allow us to value your surplus test equipment. Given our experience we can help you set target sale prices that bring strong offers from qualified buyers. Depending on forecasted values, we create custom vertical sales campaigns that bring global visibility to your technology assets. All types of Agilent Keysight products we sell daily include mobile phone testers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, vector network analyzers and many more.

NOTE - We also remarket used Agilent Chemical Analysis and Life Sciences equipment. These are excellent assets for consignment sales when marketed properly.

As Agilent Test and Measurement group re brands itself into Keysight, you may be retooling your test equipment. As your projects and test needs change over time, we can help you cost effectively transition your equipment pool to better support your daily needs. We also carry the full line of Agilent Keysight equipment should you need to upgrade or replace assets you are selling.

How can we help with your test equipment needs? Contact us today for a consignment consultation.