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Anritsu Audio Generators
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Anritsu MG11A


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Anritsu has a history of more than 110 years and was first founded as Sekisan-sha in 1895, then established as Anritsu Electric Corporation on March 17, 1931. Anritsu provides solutions in the fields of electronics, information networks, measurement of mobile & internet networks, industrial electronics, security and environmental measurement. Anritsu has R&D and manufacturing sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark and France. Offering a vast range of solutions comprsing of: Wireless Solutions for the full range of 2, 2.5, 3, and 4G telecommunications as well as 802.x and Bluetooth wireless technologies, all based on Anritsu's global leadership in developing and testing wireless user equipment, chipsets, and networks. Features and options allow highly accurate performance with low noise and interference for current and next-generation 3GPP, 3GPP2, and IEEE standards including 1xEV, GSM/GRPS, W-CDMA, HSDPA, 802.11, and 802.16. RF and Microwave Solutions with powerful benchtop, portable, and handheld solutions for developing, testing, deploying and maintaining components, receiver/transmitters, antennas, and related equipment in telecommunications, microwave, satellite communications, and defense applications. Anritsu handheld analyzers are powerful, rugged tools for all of your communication test needs anytime, anywhere -- in the field, or in the lab. Datacom and NGN Solutions for testing and measuring throughput and performance across the full range of digital communication standards and protocols -- including high speed Ethernet, IP, OTN, ATM, SONET/SDH, EoS, jitter, and bit error rate testing. These highly accurate instruments are ideally suited for the development, manufacture, deployment, and maintenance of network components and equipment at speeds up to 48 Gbps and above. A complete range of optical test and measurement products for R&D, production, installation, and monitoring. Anritsu optical solutions are used for evaluating a wide range of optical devices and fiber systems including WDM.
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