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Collins Radio 479S-6A


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In the mid 1930s, the Collins Radio Company constructed and sold transmitters and audio mixing consoles to the broadcast industry. Around 1947, the company introduced their first amateur radio receiver, the 75A-1. Around 1950, Collins began designing the R-390 (.5 - 30 MHz) for the US military. This was intended to be a receiver of the highest performance available, with the ruggedness and serviceability required for military duty. The introduction of the S/Line in 1958, Collins moved from designing individual products that could be used together, to ones that were designed to integrate and operate together. Within a few years Collins had introduced additional S/Line components, then In 1978, with the move to solid state design, the S/Line came to an end after a two decade production run. The Collins Radio Company was purchased by Rockwell International in 1973 and i,In 2001 the avionics division of Rockwell International was spun-off to form the current Rockwell Collins, Inc.
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