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Rohde Schwarz LISN Network Equipment
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Rohde & Schwarz EZ1702


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Channel Partner and Authorized Distributor of Rohde & Schwarz Equipment

Established more than 75 years ago, Rohde & Schwarz has a global presence and a dedicated service network in over 70 countries. Everything started in 1933 in a large Munich apartment with 120 square meters of space, the year and location that Dr. Lothar Rohde and Dr. Hermann Schwarz set up shop under the name "Physikalisch-technisches Entwicklungslabor Dr. L. Rohde und Dr. H. Schwarz" (PTE). Now a leading supplier of solutions in the fields of test and measurement, broadcasting, Wireless Communications Testers, Trunked Radio, Secure Communications, Broadcasting, Signal Intelligence, Spectrum Monitoring, and Antennas. Rohde & Schwarz offers instruments for spectrum and network analysis, signal generation and power measurement . Broadcasting and related T&M equipment from Rohde & Schwarz ensures smooth reception worldwide ≠analog, digital or mobile. Users in public safety and national security rely on Rohde & Schwarz equipment for governmental radiomonitoring and for managing the limited frequency spectrum.

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