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Tektronix Vector Analyzers
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Tektronix 1765


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Showing (1 - 1) of 1 products.

Tektronix offers a diverse product assortment and wode range of applications that include: digital oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal sources, oscilloscope probes,video measurement devices, jitter testing, audio testing, network management, video testing, signal monitors, UMTS W-CDMA protocol analysis, CDMA protocol analysis, TDR, RF wireless test, UTRAN testing, voip, compressed video MPEG-2, RF modulation, serial data, optical communications,analog mixed signal sources, PCI Express, network management diagnostics,logic analyzers, digital standard definition SD, curve tracers, fibre channel, processor bus, signal generators, SPI SPY, mobile wireless tests, logic analyzer probes,optical products, audio signal generator, MPEG test, SONET SDH, digital high definition HD, RF, DPO technology, serial ATA,real-time DPO DSO,HDMI DVI, RF video, logic signal sources, analog PAL NTSC, real-time spectrum analyzers, GSM GPRS EDGE field test and video signal generators.
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