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Wound Component / Transformer Analyzers

Wound Component / Transformer Analyzers offered by Wayne Kerr Electronics include 3255B, 3260B, 3255BL, and 3255BQ. The maintenance procedures of armatures, transformers, and inductors often require technicians to carry out corona and flutter tests. To address this challenge, Wayne Kerr offers high performance impulse surge testers that enable professionals to accomplish such challenging tasks with ease and accuracy.

Analyzing impedance is a critical part of testing various AC machines. This process also demands a high degree of accuracy. Wayne Kerr Electronics offers an array of impedance analyzers to address the different challenges. Its impedance analyzers cover a range of frequencies and offer an impressive 0.05% basic accuracy. Some of its models include 6505B, 6520B, 6515B, 6550B, and 65120B.

Accurate measurement of resistance, capacitance, and inductance is a basic test for a wide range of AC machines. In most cases, values with narrow tolerances are expected from these measurements. That being the case, engineers are expected to employ testing solutions that are capable of achieving the required accuracy. Wayne Kerr Electronics offers LCR meters smart designed to achieve up to 0.02% basic accuracy. The testers are compatible with various standards allowing technicians to apply them for a multitude uses. The 4300 series are LAN, USB, GPIB, and RS232 compatible. For applications that require high accuracy, the 6430B and 6440B are excellent choices.

Wayne Kerr Electronics' 3261 testing system is purposely designed for telecommunications engineers and technicians to test POTs and transformers used in ISDN and ADSL. This product is widely applied by R&D and manufacturing teams involved in the production process of these communication systems.

If you are in the market for a quality Wayne Kerr product model, we are your ideal partner. We offer a wide selection of high quality Wayne Kerr products and accessories. Contact your Test Equipment Connection representative for more information.

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