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Aeroflex IFR Radar Test Set
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Aeroflex IFR RDX-7708


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Aeroflex Test Solutions is a global leader in the Test and Measurement Instrumentation marketplace. Cobham-Aeroflex-IFR products support a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense and wireless mobile and broadband communications. Their proven solutions encompass a full spectrum of instrumentation from turnkey systems, stand alone boxes or modular components that provide customers with highly reliable, customized, innovative and cost effective testing tools. Product areas include ATE, Avionics, Broadband Test, Communications Test, General Purpose Test, PXI, Signal Sources, Stimulus Products, Synthetic and Wireless. For civil and commercial aviation Aeroflex has test solutions for transponder modes A/C/S and ADS-B, ILS, VOR, DME, TCAS, HF, VHF, UHF communications, Short Range and 406MHz ELT's, weather radar and GPS. For military aviation test solutions are available for MLS, TACAN, E-TCAS, IFF Transponder/Interrogator Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, S, 4 and Mode 5 and IFF monopulse antenna simulation. IFR began life as Instrument Flight Research Corporation in 1968, specializing originally in aircraft instruments and test equipment. In 1971 the company refocused and concentrated on avionics test equipment. By 1975 the name was changed to IFR, Inc. and a radio communications test set was developed which transformed IFR into a leading RF and avionics test equipment company. Marconi Instruments, which was formed in 1936, developed an extensive range of test and measuring equipment, especially for testing radio transmitters and receivers, microwave equipment and telecommunications systems. In February 1998 IFR Systems, Inc. acquired Marconi Instruments to create a new dynamic test and measurement company. IFR was attracted to Marconi Instruments because of the wide range of products, a global sales presence in over 100 countries and an extensive service and support network.
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