Aeroflex Consignment Sales

Aeroflex Consignment Sales

We want to buy Cobham Aeroflex 2947A, 3920B and 8880S Communications Test Sets. Sell us your Aeroflex IFR 6000 and 4000 Radio Test Sets. If you are looking to sell Aeroflex test equipment, we can help you recover more using our consignment program. Test Equipment Connection’s asset refurbishment and consignment can recover more than a sale on your own or through auction. Our proprietary marketing strategies target specific end users of Aeroflex test equipment, right down to the actual model number. That means we know how, where and who to advertise your surplus assets to worldwide. The decision to sell is all yours, the offers we receive from prospective buyers are presented to you for your approval. We interact with the buying customer and handle details such as repair, shipping, warranty, and after sale support to add value to the asset and bring a higher price. You receive 70% of the collected amount and 30% is our fee. We have over 23 years of Aeroflex sales experience. 

How Soon Do You Need to Sell?

An immediate need to sell sometimes brings a lower price. If you have a few months, consignment sales bring higher sale prices. Why? Because time is your ally. Time allows for our global marketing campaigns to have impact and reach the target list of qualified buyers in our database of test equipment users and resellers worldwide. We also sell Aeroflex, IFR, Willtek, Motorola and Wavetek branded items, manufactured prior to Cobham's acquisition of these product lines, so we have expertise in the early and most current generation of a specific product or model number. More time helps, timing is everything in many cases.

How Does Consignment Work?

All we need require is your verification of the test gear you want to monetize, when the items can ship, and your desired selling prices and the agreement is prepared for you. The process is straightforward and simple. If you need to get the assets out of your facility immediately, we have USA and Hong Kong facilities for storage and refurbishment. We can move as quickly as needed with all logistics provided by us. The equipment is shipped to us and we do the rest.

Aeroflex Product and Market Expertise

We have current demand for all Aeroflex scalar analyzers, RD301 and RD301A weather radar test sets, communications test sets, signal generators, mobile device testers, spectrum analyzers, and radio test sets. We have active buyers for field and hand held Aeroflex products along with high quality Aeroflex Cobham IFR bench and lab test equipment models.

We can help manage your Aeroflex equipment needs. Contact us today for a consultation.