Test Equipment Connection Consignment Program

Test Equipment Connection Total Asset Management - Technology Relocation Service (Offered to qualified clients)

Did you know that your surplus test and networking equipment and could be making you money? If you have surplus, excess, idle or underutilized test equipment in your company, Test Equipment Connection can re-market those assets for you and turn your no longer needed equipment into CASH, Credit towards NEW equipment, Credit to be used at a later date, TRADE-IN towards refurbished, and other creative flexible financial advantages for you and your company.

Examples of surplus are: too much inventory as a result of layoffs or better efficiency, new spares, still in the box customer returns, demos, end of production test, duplicate equipment as a result of merger or acquisition. In the current business environment, this equipment can actually be COSTING you money by taking up valuable space needed. (Commercial Real Estate prices are usually quoted in cost per square foot $20.00/sqft?) Stop renting space for your idle equipment and ship it to us for TECHNOLOGY RELOCATION.

Test Equipment Connection is an experienced reseller of electronic test & measurement and networking equipment. We have offices to cover ALL major technology markets. What this means to you is:

1. Your obsolete equipment may be in higher demand in other geographies. We provide the virtual bridge to sell your equipment.

2. We refurbish, paint, clean, add options, calibrate and ADD VALUE to your disposable equipment with pinpoint engineering prediction and understand where in the world it is worth the most money at that time.

3. Our customers demand warranties and inspection reject terms. Because they demand quality, they are willing to pay more. We will stand behind your equipment so the customer is comfortable paying higher prices for quality backed assets.

4. Ebay and other self "auction" type sites are either unacceptable or are reasons for making very low offers to many of our top tier clients as the purchasing agent would be liable for making an unknown quality purchase with no recourse. (Reduces the implied value of the equipment.)

5. Examples of TECHNOLOGY RELOCATION would be the roll out of 3G in Thailand, where the 4G LTE is already completed in Korea. Another would be China having mandates for all new construction to include Fiber Optic infrastructure while the USA has already deployed. Cases are too many to list, but we see the movement crystal clear as a result of our strategically placed offices.

6. We have relationships with Keysight/Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Cisco, Advantest, Fluke and many other manufacturers in all Major markets to stay educated in which models will be obsolete as a result of new products introduced. This has a HUGE impact on the value of used Test and Measurement Equipment.

7. We are appointed by several government agencies worldwide to be the official appraiser of used technology for the purposes of taxing the incoming unknown value. What this means to you is we will be the working the hardest to get the highest price possible for your asset.

We will take physical possession of your unwanted test and network equipment and store it in our headquarters located in Lake Mary, Florida, USA This will free up valuable square footage and start the process of recovering cash to be redeployed. Once the asset is prepared for sale in the target country (regions), we will market the assets using our proprietary appraisal system and offer to our database of over 200,000 end users. You make the final decision if the sale price is acceptable, we handle the transaction and will take all of the risk in shipping, insurance, warranty, after sale support, customs clearing, duties calculations, and we will pay you 70% of the collected amount. (30% is our fee forTECHNOLOGY RELOCATION services.)

If this outline sounds acceptable to you, we will provide past customer cases, referrals, presentation with detailed financial estimates and if the lot is large enough, a personal visit from one or maybe the entire acquisition team's experts to catalog, inventory, test, and evaluate your equipment.

To QUALIFY for this service, we'll need to start with a list of assets (Model numbers and options already installed). If the list is acceptable, we will determine if an on-site inspection is needed or what steps to take.

Please NOTE: This is risk free to you as you make the final decision on price. The longer the equipment sits in your warehouse or lab, the longer you wait for money.

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