Anritsu Site Master

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The Site Master™ series of Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzers offer measurement capabilities including precision return loss/VSWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements. Site Master analyzers help field technicians perform field verification and fault location to detect problems before they become costly, time-consuming system failures.

Site Master is the leading choice for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of microwave cables and communication systems in cellular and broadcast industries as well as aerospace and defense. Take your pick from our growing Site Master family for such applications as VHF, broadcasting, paging, cellular, GPS, PCS/GSM, 3G, ISM, WLAN, WLL, With an easy-to-use menu driven interface and accurate, repeatable measurements, Site Master handheld analyzers are powerful, rugged tools for all of your communication test needs.

Anritsu Site Master Specials for May
Product: Base Frequency: Max Frequency: Type: Price:
Anritsu S331C Cable Antenna Analyzer SiteMaster 25.0 MHz3.3 GHz Refurbished $3,995.00
Anritsu S332C 25.0 MHz3.3 GHz Refurbished $4,995.00
Anritsu S331B 25.0 MHz3.3 GHz Refurbished $4,996.00
Anritsu S818A-05 3.3 Ghz18 Ghz Refurbished $9,492.00
Anritsu S113B SiteMaster 500.0 KHz1.2 GHz Refurbished $3,495.00
Anritsu S810C 3.3 GHz10.0 GHz Refurbished $9,992.00
Anritsu S810D 2 Mhz10.5 Ghz Refurbished $13,772.00
Anritsu S332B 25.0 MHz3.3 GHz Refurbished $5,952.00
Anritsu S810A 5 Mhz20 Ghz Refurbished $9,996.00
Anritsu S332E 20.0 MHz4.0 GHz Refurbished $10,982.00
Anritsu S331E-10-21 20 Mhz5 Ghz Refurbished $8,592.00
Anritsu S331L 2 Mhz4 Ghz Refurbished $6,392.00

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