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A used oscilloscope is undoubtedly one of the most common types of test equipment in the lab or in the field. Today’s used and new oscilloscopes are more powerful with prices for all budgets to meet growing test challenges. From 10MHz to 100GHz, we have the solution for you. The oscilloscope finds numerous applications in research and development, manufacturing, and maintenance of a broad array of electrical and electronic systems. Unlike their predecessors, many scopes come in smaller designs that are optimized to deliver speed and precision.

Virtually all industries use electronic systems that require regular monitoring and testing. Regular monitoring of signals allows an engineer or technician to easily diagnose defects that have the potential of causing failures. Addressing such problems as soon as they are detectable helps to reduce failure cases. This translates to limited downtime and high reliability and efficiency. Without the ideal testing tools, engineers and technicians would be unable to accomplish this. An oscilloscope offers the ability to observe and analyze various signals over a given period of time. Their calibrated scales enable users to analyze various characteristics of a waveform with ease. For instance, a user can easily monitor the amplitude, period, frequency, shape, distortion and other properties that may be of interest for a particular waveform.

We Carry Most all Popular Brands

Many manufacturers offer various types of oscilloscopes to meet the diverse requirements of the customers. Some offer general purpose oscilloscopes as well as application-specific types that are optimized for particular uses. Some of the most popular manufacturers of oscilloscopes include Agilent, Keysight, Tektronix, Teledyne LeCroy and Instek.

Most of these quality manufacturers offer digital as well as analog models of oscilloscopes. However, the race for better oscilloscopes has been favoring the digital models resulting in a decline in analog models. An oscilloscope is usually designed for applications in a particular range of frequencies. Virtually all manufacturers use this as a major criterion while designing different models of oscilloscopes.

Oscilloscope Specials for February
Product: Bandwidth: Channels: Type: Price:
Tektronix TDS310 50 Mhz2 Refurbished $1,695.00
Tektronix 2232 100 Mhz2 Refurbished $1,695.00
Yokogawa DL716 N/AN/A Refurbished $2,892.00
Fluke 124 Scopemeter 40 Mhz2 Refurbished $1,496.00
Tektronix 11302A N/AN/A Refurbished $1,995.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet 312A 100 Mhz2 Refurbished $1,992.00
Tektronix TDS640A 500.0 MHz4 Refurbished $3,592.00
Tektronix TDS3032B 300 Mhz2 Refurbished $2,992.00
Tektronix TDS3014B 100 Mhz4 Refurbished $3,992.00
Yokogawa DL708E 410 Mhz8 Refurbished $4,992.00
Tektronix MSO2024 200.0 MHz4 Refurbished $5,416.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet 314A 100 Mhz4 Refurbished $4,915.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveRunner 62Xi 600.0 MHz2 Refurbished $7,992.00
Tektronix DPO4032 350.0 MHz2 Refurbished $7,722.00
Keysight-Agilent DSOX3034A 350 Mhz5 Refurbished $6,456.00
Tektronix TDS7254B 2.5 GHz4 Refurbished $9,992.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveRunner 6050A 500.0 MHz4 Refurbished $11,882.00
Tektronix TDS7104 1.0 GHz4 Refurbished $7,882.00
Teledyne LeCroy WavePro 7300 3 Ghz4 Refurbished $14,982.00
Keysight-Agilent MSO8104A 1.0 GHz4 Refurbished $9,982.00
Keysight-Agilent MSO6034A 300.0 MHz4 Refurbished $7,882.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveRunner 6100 1.0 GHz4 Refurbished $12,982.00
Tektronix DPO7054 500.0 MHz4 Refurbished $11,992.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 62MXS-B 600.0 MHz2 Refurbished $9,992.00
Tektronix DPO5034 350 Mhz4 Refurbished $9,992.00
Teledyne LeCroy HDO4104 1 Ghz4 Refurbished $17,220.00
Tektronix MSO4104B 100 MhzN/A Refurbished $17,982.00
Tektronix TDS6804B 8.0 GHz4 Refurbished $24,992.00
Keysight-Agilent DSO81004A 10.0 GHz4 Refurbished $19,882.00
Keysight-Agilent DSA90804A 8 Ghz4 Refurbished $79,882.00
Keysight-Agilent DSA91304A 13 Ghz4 Refurbished $78,982.00
Keysight-Agilent DSAX92504A N/AN/A Refurbished $212,982.00
Featured Oscilloscope for February
Product: Bandwidth: Channels: Type: Price:
Instek GDS-2104E N/AN/A New $1,530.00
AEMC Instruments MTX 1052BW-PC 150 Mhz2 New $1,895.00
Micsig TO104 100 Mhz4 New $1,995.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3022 200 Mhz2 New $3,200.00
Instek GDS-3352 350.0 MHz2 New $3,509.00
Fluke 190-062-AM-S 60 Mhz2 New $3,699.99
ABI Electronics Circuitmaster 4000M 100 Mhz4 New $3,972.00
Instek GDS-3504 500 MHz4 New $4,990.00
AEMC Instruments OX7202-III 200 Mhz2 New $5,395.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 10 1 Ghz4 New $10,000.00
Teledyne LeCroy HDO4024-MS N/AN/A New $12,700.00
Teledyne LeCroy HDO4034-MS N/AN/A New $13,860.00
Teledyne LeCroy HDO4104-MS 1 GHz16 New $20,160.00
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Product: Bandwidth: Channels: Type: Price:
Instek GDS-1052-U Instek GDS-1052-U
50 Mhz 2 New$299.00
Instek GDS-1072A-U Instek GDS-1072A-U
70 Mhz 2 New$339.00
Instek GOS620 Instek GOS620
20 Mhz 2 Refurbished$416.00
Instek GOS-630FC Instek GOS-630FC
30 Mhz 2 New$431.00
Instek GOS-620 Instek GOS-620
20 Mhz 2 New$431.00
Instek GDS-1072-U Instek GDS-1072-U
70 Mhz 2 New$442.00
Instek GOS-622G Instek GOS-622G
20 Mhz 2 New$480.00
Instek GDS-1102-U Instek GDS-1102-U
100 Mhz 2 New$488.00
Instek GOS-620FG Instek GOS-620FG
20 Mhz 2 New$516.00
Instek GOS635G Instek GOS635G
35 Mhz 2 New$535.00
Hantek DSO5062B Hantek DSO5062B
200 Mhz 2 New$586.00
Hantek DSO5062BM Hantek DSO5062BM
60 Mhz 2 New$596.00
Hantek DSO5102B Hantek DSO5102B
100 Mhz 2 New$598.00
Instek GDS-1102A-U Instek GDS-1102A-U
100.0 MHz 2 New$615.00
Hantek DSO5102BM Hantek DSO5102BM
100 Mhz 2 New$620.00
Hantek DSO5062BMV Hantek DSO5062BMV
60 Mhz 2 New$626.00
Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 1001 Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 1001
40 Mhz 2 New$635.00
Hantek DSO5102BMV Hantek DSO5102BMV
100 Mhz 2 New$635.00
Rigol VS5042 Rigol VS5042
40.0 MHz 2 Refurbished$649.00
Hantek DSO5202B Hantek DSO5202B
200 Mhz 2 New$668.00
Instek GOS653G Instek GOS653G
50 Mhz 2 Refurbished$676.00
60 Mhz 2 Refurbished$682.00
Hantek DSO5202BM Hantek DSO5202BM
200 Mhz 2 New$699.00
Rigol VS5062 Rigol VS5062
60.0 MHz 2 Refurbished$699.00
Hantek DSO5202BMV Hantek DSO5202BMV
200 Mhz 2 New$745.00
Instek GOS-653G Instek GOS-653G
50 Mhz 2 New$767.00
Siglent SDS1102CML Siglent SDS1102CML
100 Mhz 2 New$795.00
Fluke 120 Fluke 120
40 Mhz N/ARefurbished$795.00
Tektronix 422 Tektronix 422
15 Mhz 2 Refurbished$795.00
Instek GDS-122 Instek GDS-122
20.0 MHz 2 New$799.00
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General Purpose, DPO, DSO, or MSO

For general uses, a general purpose model can be a suitable choice. However, some applications may demand models that are specifically designed for a particular use. For instance, an oscilloscope designed for medical applications may be different in appearance and features from a model designed for telecommunication uses. Other factors that one should consider when selecting an oscilloscope include frequency ranges, cost, portability, ruggedness, number of channels, and form factor. In addition, one can choose to buy a brand new oscilloscope or a used one. The latter is more cost effective and can be refurbished to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications.

Test Equipment Connection offers used and new oscilloscopes. We offer non-biased multiple manufacturer solutions to meet the different requirements of our valued customers. If you are looking for a high quality oscilloscope for use in designing, manufacturing, or in maintenance, consider our extensive inventory of both used and new equipment. Are you looking for an oscilloscope that is suitable for telecommunications applications, sciences, or general engineering uses? We have an ideal oscilloscope for your specific application. Contact us today for a quote. We also take trade-ins.