Recently Added Test And Measurement Products

These are our most recently added test equipment products. Some of these items are refurbished, some are new, and others are off lease or on consignment with us. If you'd like to keep up with the T&M products we add to our inventory, you can subscribe to our Recently Added Test Equipment RSS Feed.

Recently Added Products

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Rohde Schwarz RTE1154Rohde Schwarz RTE1154
More reliable measurements, more tools and fast results, more fun to use – that’s the...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Rohde Schwarz OSP150Rohde Schwarz OSP150
Extension Unit Compact size requiring little space Optimal configuration by selecting the appropriate switch and control modules Plug...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Rohde Schwarz ESR26Rohde Schwarz ESR26
TheR&S®ESR is an EMI test receiver for the frequency range from 10 Hz to 26.5...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Rohde Schwarz BBA100Rohde Schwarz BBA100
The R&S®BBA100 is a family of modular, flexible, state-of-the-art broadband amplifiers. The monitoring and control...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Rohde Schwarz HF907Rohde Schwarz HF907
The Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna R&S®HF907 with linear polarization is a compact broadband transmitting and...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Rohde Schwarz RTE1104Rohde Schwarz RTE1104
Digital Oscilloscope 1 GHz, 4 channels More reliable measurements, more tools and fast results, more fun...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Agilent N6954AKeysight-Agilent N6954A
Optimize testing with the N6900, versatility was never faster When designing high performance ATE systems, there’s...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/09
Teledyne LeCroy SDA 760ZI-ATeledyne LeCroy SDA 760ZI-A
6 GHz, 20 GS/s, 4ch, 32 Mpts/Ch SDA with 15.4" WXGA Color Display. 50 ohm...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/08
OnoSokki LV-012OnoSokki LV-012
Vibration Meter By connecting the digital displacement meter unit LV - 0121 to the laser Doppler...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/07
Bruel And Kjaer Type 2635Bruel And Kjaer Type 2635
TYPE 2635 CHARGE AMPLIFIER Designed for vibration measurements in laboratory or in the field...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/07
Rohde Schwarz RTO1004Rohde Schwarz RTO1004
600 MHz, 4 channel Digital oscilloscope The RTO1004 is a 600MHZ, 4 channel digital oscilloscope from...
Wandel Goltermann SPM-34AWandel Goltermann SPM-34A
Also sold and branded as JDSU....
OnoSokki LV-2100OnoSokki LV-2100
Laser Displacement Meter The LV-2100 Laser Interference Displacement Meter demodulates the amplitude displacement (m) from...
Tektronix DPO4USBTektronix DPO4USB
Oscilloscope Module, USB (LS, FS, HS) Serial Triggering & Analysis Module The DPO4USB is an USB...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/01
Tektronix DPO4PWRTektronix DPO4PWR
Power Analysis Application Module With a Power Analysis Application Module installed on an oscilloscope, an embedded...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/01
Tektronix TCP0020Tektronix TCP0020
AC/DC Current Probe Easy-to-Use and Accurate AC/DC Current Measurements DC to >50 MHz Bandwidth Core Jaw Diameter of...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/02/01
Stanford Research PS350Stanford Research PS350
0 to ±5 kV 5 mA output voltage 5 mA current See data sheet for more...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/01/31
LP Technologies LPT-ASM-ALP Technologies LPT-ASM-A
Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System including Web version 17 ...
Agilent M9362AD01Keysight-Agilent M9362AD01
M9362AD01 PXIe Quad Downconverter: 10 MHz to 50 GHz The Keysight M9362AD01 PXIe Quad Downconverter...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/01/27
Ameritec AM-44XTAmeritec AM-44XT
Freatures include a built in dial keypad for dial pulse, touch tone and MF dialing,...
RefurbishedRequest Information2017/01/27


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