Test Equipment Leasing Program


Lease test equipment from Test Equipment Connection. We offer a variety of test equipment leasing terms for all types of credits including start-ups

Get into the test equipment you need for for as low as $20 down!

Step 1: Fill out a Leasing Application Online.

Step 2: Financing Documents will be emailed to you

Step 3: Sign documents and we will have them picked up from your facility

You're done! We will then ship your equipment!

Leasing Programs

  • New businesses can qualify for $50,000 at a great rate!
  • $20 down to start then and $99 for first 6 months also available*
  • 60 and 90 day deferred payment plans.*
  • Seasonal Payment Plan - only 9 payments out of 12 months!*
  • Step up program - reduced payments for first 12 months over 36-60 month lease.*
  • Annual, Semi-Annual & Quarterly payments. For those customers that would like 1,2 or 4 payments per year.*

*Requirements: 2 years in business.

We can provide a competitive alternative source of capital to help you grow your business.

Test Equipment Connection can structure a lease specific to your company's needs. We offer lease to own and off balance sheet operating leases. Let us know your objectives.

To learn more about how leasing test equipment can benefit you, ask your Test Equipment Connection sales representative.

For our U.S. customers -

The 2017 Section 179 tax deduction is up to $500,000 of the total purchase price of the test equipment. The Section 179 Deduction is available for most new and used test equipment, and also includes certain software.

The PATH Act extended 50% Bonus Depreciation for 2016 and 2017. 

When applying these provisions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation - unless the business has no taxable profit in the same year.

A lease must be considered a non-tax lease to qualify for Section 179. The most popular type of non-tax lease is a $1.00 buyout lease although any lease where the lessee is considered the owner of the equipment would qualify. Successful U.S. businesses take advantage of legal tax incentives to help lower their operating costs. The Section 179 Deduction is a tax incentive that is easy to use, and gives businesses an incentive to invest in themselves. In short, taking advantage of the Section 179 Deduction will help your business keep more capital, while also getting the test equipment you need.

Always check with your certified tax professional for current, accurate advice on any 2017 tax credits or deductions. We are test equipment experts, not tax experts, so always verify your tax situation with a CPA or tax accountant.

Facts about leasing, according to the Equipment Leasing Association:
  • Four out of five U.S. companies use leasing to acquire equipment
  • Almost one-third of all externally financed capital expenditures in the U.S. are financed through leasing
  • Equipment leasing has grown at an average rate of 12.5% over the past 10 years

Benefits of Leasing Test Equipment:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower debt service
  • Lower after-tax financing cost
  • Match financing cost to the asset - 100%
  • Balance sheet management
  • Alternative minimum tax issue
  • Cash flow considerations
  • Preserve loan covenants
  • Match payments to revenues

Lease test equipment from Test Equipment Connection. Contact Test Equipment Connection today for the most competitive and creative leasing terms.