Confidential Registered Partner Program

Confidential Registered Partner Program

Leverage your contacts and customers by partnering with the most recognized non manufacturer brand in the test and measurement industry.

Whether you provide products, services, or solutions, a partnership with Test Equipment Connection is an excellent way to insure your continued business success.

Test Equipment Connection's Registered Partner Program offers you access to the largest inventory in the world of test equipment and networking equipment to help satisfy your customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

GPTE, 3G, 4G-LTE, RF Microwave, semiconductor test, and select IT equipment is our product inventory.

By Becoming a Registered Partner You Can:

  • Gain credibility and get paid commissions by addressing more of your customers needs: Capitalize on your local contacts, when your customers have needs for test equipment or networking equipment you can now say yes instead of no.
  • Gain traction in the marketplace: Join our Partner Program and be able to offer the largest selection of test equipment -- refurbished equipment, new equipment, trade ins, rentals, leasing, repairs, calibrations... you now have more ways to say yes.
  • Reap rewards: When you formally notify us of a transaction, we check to see if we are already in contact with the customer. If not you are notified as protected and entitled to commissions if the deal is closed successfully.
  • Strengthen your relationships and leverage your time: Position yourself to take advantage of more sales opportunities than ever before.

OK, I have contacts and customers that want to buy test equipment or sell their surplus equipment. What's the process?

  • Sign up and get approved to be a Registered Partner.
  • Once approved, we will contact you with information on your Partnership Program contact. You can use this contact information to submit future deals directly to us.
  • We will review the transaction, if we are not already working on the customer's need your deal is registered with us and you are protected.
  • If we are already quoting the customer direct we will make you aware of that fact; In this case the deal is not registered to you as we are already on it.

I would like to refer transactions, but I am concerned about confidentiality.

  • If you refer a transaction to us, we will be sure all correspondence is treated in a confidential manner.

Seems pretty straightforward, but who does what? For all transactions that you receive registration approval for, Test Equipment Connection will:

  • Verify your commission
  • Issue a proposal directly to the Customer
  • Follow up with the customer to close the deal
  • Verify delivery times to the customer

We ship, bill, and collect. We take the credit risk. We take the currency risk. When the customer accepts the equipment, and we get paid, then you get paid.

We do the proposing and closing; we are your inside sales team. We free you up to prospect and find more opportunities. Of course you help us close the deal as possible using your local presence.

Remember we buy and sell world wide!

Sign up today and get approved to be a Registered Partner with Test Equipment Connection.

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